B.I.G.S. System built into a front fork of Perse Performance Inc. USA



Having more miles on it then Louis and Clark, the  front end began life in the usual way, and with little idea it would soon become a world traveler. Originating in Colorado (Perse Performance), it was then shipped to PM in Southern California. After spending a relaxing month in the PM R&D Department, it caught a plane to Holland for a prototype fitting of a unique internal brake line. After a month abroad, and a healthy collection of frequent flyer miles, it returned to PM. Soon after that the fork tubes were sent to Race Tech in Corona, CA who then shipped them to the East Coast for the black coating. Over a month later, they returned and met up with the bike in the palatial Performance Machine Compound. Time to relax and enjoy being a show custom? Not really. A poster shoot, a catalog cover shoot and then hop on the PM semi for the Cinci and Indy shows. After that, there's Daytona and then Sturgis... It must be tough to be a front end.

Acknowledgement: Performance Machine Inc. USA