Conventional B.I.G.S. system


The worldwide patented Integrated Guiding System, known as B.I.G.S. for short, is a new and revolutionary brake system suitable for almost every fork.

The prototype has been tested by Delft University of Technology, a leading  university in the Netherlands,

the  and Germany.  This product is produced by an ISO certficated company.



Thanks to the significant gain in stiffness compared to conventional brake hoses, the stiffness of the entire

   B.I.G.S. brake  system is improved. The extremely fast pressure response ensures perfect control of the

   braking force.

Brake hoses age because heat and ultraviolet light result in reduced stiffness and cracks. 

   As it is completely covered, B.I.G.S. brake system is not affected by external factors.

Styling is considerably improved by replacing brake hoses with a covered system, especially on lean

   bikes and choppers



For further details on prices please contact one of our B.I.G.S.  distributors.


The B.I.G.S. brake system is only fitted by certified dealers, who are recognizable by the B.I.G.S. logo.


The B.I.G.S. dealer supplies maintenance instructions with the B.I.G.S. brake system.